Hug Point is more of a beach walk than a hike, but it's stunning, nonetheless. There are caves to explore, waterfalls, and cool path over the rocks that you can only access at low tide. I went out there for the first time in early September, so the falls were fairly dry. It was a warm Fall day with little rain. 

I was spending Labor Day weekend in Rockaway Beach when a super friendly convenience store clerk suggested Hug Point as a point of interest. She said it was her favorite place to go to along the coast, and she sent me off with a tide table, explaining that it was only worth going to at low tide. I headed out first thing the next morning. 

Hug Point is about 5 miles South of Cannon Beach, right off HWY 101. Park in the parking lot, walk down to beach, turn right and keep walking. It's that simple. What's cool about this spot is that the beach was actually used as a stagecoach route from Arch Cape to Cannon Beach before the highway was carved into the mountain. Evidence of the old stagecoach road is still visible on the rocks at the north end of the beach and you can walk it at low tide.