When I first made the jump to move here, I caught so much grief about the perceived amounts of rain. 

"Oh, I wouldn't be able to handle the rain."

"Oh, the rain!"

"But what about all that rain?"

"I hope you like rain."

You know what, I love rain. I always have. I was actually excited about the idea of falling asleep to the sound of rain every night. But you know what? The rain isn't that bad. In fact, I've talked to people who live here who wish it rained more. So there, all you rain haters. 

Astoria is a twenty minute drive from Fort Stevens, which is a State park. It was actually an old World War II fort, and you can still walk among the old batteries and play in the old concrete bunkers. Fort Stevens is also an amazing beach and outdoor adventure area. You can see an old shipwreck on the beach, walk or jog paved trails, build a fire on the beach, clam, tan, splash in the waves, check out the South Jetty, take your SUP out on Coffenbury lake, hunt for mushrooms, or run your dogs. 

I thought I'd take a moment to show you just how horrendous these rainy winters are here on the beach with a few photos I took between November and March:

Don't get me wrong, it RAINS. The winter storms roll in with fierce winds and waves that batter the shores. There's an amazing balance, however, where the sun shines bright and makes you forget. It's incredible, and I love every bit of it.