Hiking Cape Falcon

This past Memorial Day, we decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and go on a family hike. With a twelve- and nine-year old, family hikes have to be interesting, just around three miles, and not so challenging that it makes them cry (we've had a anxiety attack on Cascade Head once). Cape Falcon fit our requirements perfectly. 

Located right next to Short Sands, it's about an hour drive from Astoria. Parking is usually tough in the summers, but we were lucky enough to find a spot right in front of the trail. I've found that arriving at a trailhead right around lunch time will give you great parking options as the morning hikers start funneling out. 

This trail in only about 2.5 miles roundtrip, with very little incline. There are only about three or four switchbacks. Peekaboo views of the ocean can be seen about ten minutes into the trail, and gradually increase as you go further. The end of the trail brings you to the tip on Cape Falcon, and opens up to a wide open view of the Pacific. On a clear day, you'll be able to see the coast on the south side, along with unobstructed views on Short Sands from a distance.