Feels like freedom

I left facebook. 

It seems like it might have been a huge decision, something I mulled over long and hard. Perhaps I wrote the pros and cons down on a kitschy piece of note paper.  Maybe someone said something mean to me and I couldn't take it anymore. 

LOL. None of that happened. 

First off, there's nothing that anyone could say to me that would make me clam up and disappear.  They'd get the exact opposite reaction. One of rage, contempt, and provocation. My feelings don't get hurt. They get fired up. 

I left facebook because at the end of the day, it was just too much noise. And that noise, the platform that created that noise, had also been syphoning my privacy and data for years. 

After the most recent algorithm change, I found myself stressing far too much over things like my reach, whether my posts were reaching the people I truly cared about, and most importantly whether I was still relevant. 


Let me stop here and say this: We should never feel as though the things we care about are not relevant. True ideas and free thought have somehow been exchanged for memes and staged videos. Relevant is now Objective. To that, I say, "Fuck All."

Staying in touch with family and friends was my biggest concern, but I already have those I love and value within reach. I'm not comfortable with Facebook tracking my location, internet history, and seemingly menial Likes. Facebook isn't the only form of social media. Even from a business perspective, I've gotten exponentially better results and reach through Instagram.

Leaving Facebook feels like freedom. It's liberating in a way that cannot be explained. The act of walking away has given me the opportunity to be creative in forms that I was too lazy to consider. Now, I'm writing through blogs (I always aspired to be a writer), I'm working on video (which, lets face it, is the future), and I'm telling real stories. I am truly looking forward to building a better reality for myself - one that's built on true interactions, relationships, and conversation.